Hello! I’m Katie 🙂

Welcome to my mostly sweet food blog!
I love baking and desserts, so that’s mostly what you’ll find on here. I also love photography and food styling, so this blog is a way for me to practise and share my photos 🙂

Everything I make is vegan (because dairy is just not cool), and most of the time I use healthier alternatives for things like white flour, sugar & fat to make my dessert as wholesome as possible!
But I still enjoy making the occasional indulgent sugary cake 😉

I love experimenting with my own recipes and also recipes from other blogs and cookbooks. And sometimes inspiration just strikes and I think of something amazing to bake!

My original blog is on Tumblr (besidemyteacup.tumblr.com), but from now on my tumblr blog will just contain my photos and other food inspiration, and you’ll find all the photos recipes here.

I decided to change the name to ‘Beside My Teacup’ because I was never fully happy with the old name (Kokonut Kitch), and I was thinking about it, and I usually always drink tea with my desserts! Maybe it makes me feel healthier because it’s usually green tea, ha. So anyway, thats the little story behind the name 😉

Hope you enjoy looking through!


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